Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Hair, New Camera

I've been feeling like it's maybe time to grow my hair out again, but before I do, I decided to go as short as I think I'd ever care to... and the timing works out well with my impending trip to Portland to shoot Doomsday Knits. So I went to see our brilliant friend David at his salon in Ann Arbor and had him razor the shit out of my hair, apocalypse-y style! (As much as I enjoy cutting my own hair, I don't trust myself to go too much shorter than shoulder length on my own.)


I wanted something that I could sleek-out for the cybery chapter, and then scruff up for everything else. I think this fits the bill. I'm still sort of learning out to style it (I tried curling it the other day- see below- it was rather Betty Boopish) but I liked it immediately and it's only grown on me since then (badumching!) I might end up maintaining it a little longer before I grow it out, actually. We'll see.


In other news, I finally retired my old Nikon D70 and treated myself to something a little newer. It's not necessarily fancier, but I kind of fell in love with Vivian's and decided to be a big ole copycat. It took a solid day of manual-reading to facilitate my camp switch (I'm a traitor, I know) and I'm definitely still getting the hang of it, but so far I'm pleased with my decision. I also shelled for a slightly wider angle lens so that I can actually fit things inside the frame when I'm indoors (I love my 50mm/f1.8, and I did re-buy it for this camera too, but you have to stand REALLY far away to get more than a few feet of space in the shot.)


 And of course, the dogs were willing test subjects.

Pro-tip, clean the eye goop off your dog's face before taking their portrait. Also I think Rupert might have a lazy eye. Hmm. One dog with a lazy eye and one with an underbite. I sure do pick the pretty ones.


(That composition is terrible but the unnecessary shameface is pretty good. "....Why are you pointing that robot eye at me? What did I do? Aw shit.")

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Terrariums and Romance

So. Busy. Gaaaaackcan'tbreathe.

But nevertheless, I wanted to post pictures of the terrarium I made recently for my friend's bridal shower.




I'd wanted to find some little romantic figurines, maybe a little house. But all I could find locally (I waited too long to order anything) was a guy drinking beer, a dinosaur, and some crystals and fool's gold. Also, green glitter, because I figured that probably wouldn't kill moss and glitter is awesome. So, you know. Totally romantic.

Drunk Guy + Dinosaur 4ever



Moss terrariums are blissfully easy, and pretty hard to kill even if you're bad at plants like I am. Small rocks in the bottom, dirt on top of that, scrape a chunk of moss off the tree or sidewalk outside, and plop it on in. The "tree" is some sort of...plant...or something...that I found at a garden store and that seemed terrarium-friendly. Anyway, then you just fill it fulla fun stuff and mist the sucker relatively frequently (or less often if it has a lid.) Wahoo!



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