Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fantasy Shopping: Free People Dresses

It would appear that someone at Free People got the memo about the whole "goth hippie cowgirl" trend, 'cuz their current collection is pushing all the right buttons. A sampling, while I daydream about a life in which I actually wear dresses more than twice a year...

Elizabeth Maxi Slip / Frontin Slip / Black Magic Mini

(that third one is my favorite. It's like Wednesday Addams westernwear.)


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fixing Snagged Knitwear

Figured as long as I'm fixing this sweater, I might as well make a tutorial ;-) Snagged knits are a pain in the butt, but fortunately they're pretty easy to fix. I can tell already that this one will be catching on every splinter, loose nail, and dog claw it encounters, but oh well.

Apologies for wandering off camera a bit towards the end- new set-up, still kinda figuring it out!


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