Monday, June 23, 2014

OOTD: Solstice

(I'm a few days late posting, ah well.)

Pretty much everything in this outfit is cheapy-cheap, old, or both.

Tee & shorts are some generic brand from those chintzy, dirt-cheap, most-likely-made-in-China stores. I don't love buying that kinda junk-food clothing, but I looked EVERYWHERE for a perfect pair of black shorts that actually fit me, and lo and behold, these are the only ones I could find. I also stocked up on basic tees at one of those places years ago, and they're still going strong- holding up a lot better than the ones I bought at UO around the same time, actually.

Boots are second-hand Mossimo

Hat and sunglasses are from garage sales. Good deals both, though the hat needs a little reshaping with the ole steamer. (I took a millinery class years ago, I should get back into that...)

The tights are similar to these, but I've had them for at least ten years now (um, wow) so who knows. (Proof- note the date in the address bar!)

The necklace, which you can see better here, is made of crystals and comes from a seller at the Rust Belt Market called Precious Hardware- unfortunately I can't find a website for her stuff.

Fashion Icon: Marceline the Vampire Queen


I feel like Marceline's style really resonates with me- simple, comfortable, darkish but not exactly goth. Lots of gray and red, and boots. I guess after 1000 years you pretty much get your schtick down pat. And can we take a moment to applaud the creators of Adventure Time for actually having characters wear different clothes sometimes? (Not so much Finn, but hey. At least he's got a nice hat.)

Marceline- Sunhat

The boots are the wrong color, I know, but I couldn't believe I actually found heeled boots with tiny bows!

Marceline- Sweater

Marceline Purple Top



Thursday, June 12, 2014

Inspired by: Dark Crystals

(click through to read about this particular stone, it's kind of interesting.)

I was going to put that last one in as a joke but actually that's a pretty nice poster. 

Peonies and Off-Blacks

I love peonies, they're so darn fluffy. I found this hat at a garage sale for $1 the other day- it is measurably improving the quality of my life (and cutting down on my anxiety about burning the top of my head- I've done it before, and would rather not repeat the experience.)


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