Thursday, May 17, 2012

Clean-ish Routine Giveaway Winner

Oops, I let it run a day long. Heh. Anyway- the winner of the little goodie box of bath thingies is Christen Roberts! Christen, just let me know where to send your stuff ;-) And everyone else, I hope you get a chance to try some of it- keep an eye out at organic groceries, I've picked up a lot of excellent samples over the years ;-)

In other news, I bought a dress form! Maybe we'll see some sewing up in this bitch one of these days.


  1. Not to be a creeper, but what kind of dress form did you get? I've been wondering if the adjustable ones are worth it.

    1. A lot of the adjustable ones had terrible reviews, so I was just looking for a cheapie one that was fairly close to my body size. I ended up with this one:

      GODDAMMIT THE PRICE WENT DOWN! I don't believe it. Those fucking assholes!

      Anyway, it's a great deal NOW. The body is styrofoam covered in canvas, so it's cheap-o, but light and pinnable (at least until you wear away the styrofoam.)



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