Friday, June 1, 2012

Clean-ish Cosmetics and Other Such Vanity

(Octopus, you don't even have lips.)

There are so many cleanish makeup companies out there now. They are usually sort of pricy, but I feel like I've built up an arsenal of not-too-ridiculous stuff. Try Whole Foods or another hippie-dippie grocery store- they tend to have decent stuff at the lower end of the crazy spectrum. But for posterity, here's what I've found and liked so far:
*disclaimer: none of these brands have bribed me to review their products. But I want them to know that I'm open to that sort of thing. Ahem.

We'll go in vague order of how I put stuff on.


I start here because it's messy and I know I'll have to clean stuff up afterwards. Eyeliner can go before or after this, depending on what I'm going for, but whatever. I've mostly switched to mineral shadows, which warrant their own post because they're a pain in the ass, but I also discovered this the other day and immediately fell in love. I wish they'd make more colors in this line- Tarte is hit or miss in terms of toxicity and a lot of their stuff still has talc (no good) but this does not. But it's a pressed powder (more convenient), it's neutral, it has more than one color in one place, it's reasonably smudgeable, and I love it. It's nice and subtle and everyday-ish.


For liquid, I have Dr Hauschka's. This shit DOES NOT COME OFF for anything. So don't fuck it up. When I use this, the remnants stay between my lash-roots for like three days afterwards (which actually looks pretty good, so I'm not complaining, but it's hard to get it off if you want it off.) That said, I've had a lot more success applying this and not making an ass of myself than any other liquid liner I've ever owned. If anything, though, I do a thin line with the Hauscha's and then do a mineral eyeshadow foil line on top of that, because it's easier to make that look not-ragged (we'll talk about that in the mineral shadow post.)

For pencils, I have brown from Honeybee Gardens and black from Gabriel. I usually like Gabriel, but the HG wins here and I'll probably buy their black at some point. It's softer and way easier to apply- the Gabriel pencil is a little too hard. I may try getting it wet or mushing the tip a bit more, we'll see. I'd like to try some of HG's other stuff, too, since I've been impressed with it so far and the prices are really reasonable. But I digress.

Now that I'm done getting eyeshadow all over my face, I can move on...

Gabriel again. This stuff's ok- it has a nice texture, and blends in well and has just a tinge of yellow to counteract the purpley eye bags. I think I'd really have to layer it on to get rid of them, though. It's more of a gentle eyebag reducer.

I don't even know WTF liquid foundation is for, really, but I feel like it usually looks bad on me and I don't mess with it. I just dust this stuff on with a big brush, and then maybe sponge it on anywhere that needs a little more.


Honeybee Gardens again. I'm really impressed with this stuff- it looks thick, but it works as well as any conventional mascara I've ever owned. It's not waterproof, but I haven't had trouble with smudging- probably because I don't make out under waterfalls or scream and cry at Bieber concerts. I had some Tarte mascara that came with their eyeshadow and compared with the HG, it was shitty and smelled bad, and I'm betting it's more expensive too.

Lip gunk:
Lipstick has taken me the longest to come around to. It always makes me feel so "done up" and it's taken awhile to just embrace that. It's ok to be done up, man! I have a few regulars that I mix and match-
Gabriel Lipstick in Pomegranate - this is my red. I'm a wimp so I usually tone it down by using it as a stain and piling one of the others on top.
Zuzu Lipstick in Golden Bronze - This is like... apricot with gold shimmer. I'm amazed that it works on me, but the lady at the store recommended it and was totally right. It's like my natural lipcolor, boosted slightly and shimmery.
Pacifica Lip Tint in Guava Berry- pretty standard tinted balm. Nice because it's moisturizing, but it smells weird.
Jen's Sanatio Skin Care Honey Mint Gloss in Apricot Blush - I kinda love this stuff actually. It smells good, it tastes good, it's mostly castor oil and honey. It's also kind of local to me- I'm not sure how easy it is to get elsewhere. I'm not sure it's particularly long wearing, but whatever.

(Also, lipstick is weirdly fun to photograph.)

Much like liquid foundation, I don't really know what lip liner does or why I want it, so I don't have any :-P It makes me think of drag queen lips, mostly. But then, I'm not trying to make my makeup last through a busy day of being fancy- more like three hours of going out- so my needs may differ from those of high powered fashion execs and drag superstars.

I... don't have any blush at the moment. It's not something I've ever used much, but I probably should get some. Maybe some bronzer too. I'm pretty pasty. Recommendations are welcome, both for those things and good brands in general! Bonus points if they don't cost like $50 for one measly eyeshadow palette.

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    i'm happy with tarte cheek stain, it's the only blush i've tried that doubles well as lip color. and yes, companies should drop you, me, and everyone else some dough when we talk about them.



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