Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween, Halloween, HALLOWEEN

Thought you guys might want to see the pentagram cage bra in action:



Even though I was too busy to decorate this year, and it's raining, and I'm considering eating the small amount of candy that I bought rather than figuring out how to give it to children without the dogs escaping.... I love this holiday. (Unfortunately my house is very dark at night, and the brightest place (which is still dark) happens to be this super attractive kitchen doorway. I put some cheesy filters on to help. Ha!)

For the interested:
Wings (yep, they're Pog's...and they were not very comfortable.)
Boots - they're really old so I'm amazed they still exist, but there they are! The hooks for the laces fell off of mine awhile ago so they're laceless which I like better anyway.
Horns from a Renaissance Festival, but they're made from Fimo and rope. 

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