Monday, December 23, 2013

Making Christmas, Making Christmas...


Marmalade, you do not match, GTFO. 

The floral arrangement section at Joann's is a treasure trove of sparkly miscellania for present-topping. Just make sure you have wire-cutters.

 Of course they get one. But they have to share. And neither of them will like it.

 I know what you're thinking but it says "Curt". CURT.

 I found this ornament in the back of a closet in our old house in Portland. The previous residents had left it, I guess. It is huge and over the top and the back has a glittery eagle. I love it.

 Garlic bulb. GET IT?? 

We went with sort of a seafoamy-minty-green/white/silvery theme this year, and just reused last year's black tree to save money and time. (And when I say "we went with" I mean "I went with and Travis followed along dutifully by using the paper I provided for him.") While I do really like real trees, I can't say enough good things about not having to hang lights (the fake ones tend to come pre-lit. So nice.) Somehow I failed to get a picture of the lights over the window...or the super weird seafoam green gnome candle. D'aww. 

 And of course the deer-frame found a home by its new deer-friend:



  1. Everything looks fab! Hilarious post, too. Merry Christmas one day late!

  2. I am insanely jealous of you gift-wrapping skillz. My fiance wraps all the gifts (except his own) because he is much better at it and wrapping makes me want to throw things. So pretty!

    1. Heh, we're the opposite- I wrap everything except the ones for me. I'm a sloppy paper-er, but you can hide a lot of sins with ribbon and glitter. (Also if you look close enough there is SO MUCH DOG HAIR taped in there...)

  3. Oh! Where did you get that garlic bulb? My boyfriend is a grinch who loves garlic so maybe if I had a whole tree of garlic ornaments he'd be into tree decorating :)

    1. We got it at Sur La Table- they should be on sale now since it's after Christmas!

  4. I have a garlic bulb on my tree and have had it for years. I love it enormously. I'd love to have a small tree in my kitchen one year with just the veggie/fruit ornaments. They're so beautiful. I am not even remotely a decorator, but your skills are inspiring! Happy, happy!



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