Monday, August 3, 2015

Knit It Black!

This is a bit more relevant to my knitting audience, but as this blog has often celebrated the wearing of black, I figured it was appropriate to post here too! I am currently running a Kickstarter to help me produce an all-black knitting pattern collection that aims to raise awareness and funds for black shelter pets, who are adopted less often and euthanized more often than their lighter-colored brethren. Amazingly we are almost at the goal amount, after only two days...BUT if we can hit the stretch goal (another $2000) I'll be able to realize the long-dreamt dream of putting out a small ready-to-wear collection, which will also support the same cause (and also be pretty darn heavy on the black, heh heh heh.)

For more info, click the video above, or you can click through here to read all about it!

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