Monday, July 2, 2012

Makin' Whoopie

Well, sorta.

See, I don't usually buy Oreos, but after their little stunt the other week, I wanted to show my support so I picked up a package of Cakesters, which are basically giant cakey Oreos, ie whoopie pies. It turns out that they are delicious, and I promptly shoved all 14 of them down my gullet and wanted more. Travis assured me that we could, you know, MAKE some, and maybe leave out all those weird chemicals... and as I have an unhealthy passion for red velvet and have been collecting recipes for awhile on Pinterest, I dug up this one from Bakerella.


Super easy. More cookie than cake, unfortunately, which I would've realized if I'd READ THE NAME OF THE RECIPE ("Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies") instead of being distracted by the fact that she talks about Cakesters in the same post. But, nonetheless, delicious. For bonus points, spend a bunch of time mixing up different frosting colors while your husband does the real work. (Turns out, that's the part of baking I'm best at.)

Probably won't stop me from buying more Cakesters though. Hooray for gay-friendly cookies.

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