Sunday, July 22, 2012

Well Heeled


Things that are hard:

- photographing your own feet
- photographing bright red things
- riding a skateboard in heels


Things that are easy:
- snazzin' up yer shoes!


You need:
- Shoes with a hard heel (you could try it on a fabric or leathery heel but I make no promises.)
- Acrylic paint & paintbrush
- Sandpaper (somewhat optional but helpful)
- Nail polish top coat
- Masking tape (optional but a good idea.)

Sand the heels lightly to give the paint a better surface to stick to. Dust it off well, and put masking tape on if you want to use it to help contain your mess (it wouldn't stick to the main part of the shoes, here, but I put some on the sole. As you can see it's still a little sloppy around the edges, but it's not very noticable if you're not super close up (I might try and scrape it off, but I'm a little afraid of damaging the surface underneath.) Paint about a thousand coats of acrylic paint on that sucker, til it's nice and opaque -do thin, even coats, and let it dry in between. (These took me about a week of just walking by, doing a layer of paint, and wandering off again a few times a day.) When you're content with the opaquatude, do a final layer with the nail polish topcoat, to make it good and shiny and hopefully protect the paint. It probably won't last forever, but as long as you don't get them too wet and are reasonably gentle with 'em, it ought to stay on there awhile.


Take off the tape, put on your finest pajamas, and go for a ride.


(One of these days I'll do a craft that doesn't involve either shoes OR glitter. Probably.)


  1. that's all i need is another f.. hobby.

    thinking of at least three pairs of shoes that need the heels painted.

    1. Hehe, well, the nice part is that it only takes a few minutes for each layer. It's a nice little break from whatever else you're doing ;-)

  2. Awesome! Haha, and I was wondering about those pants... definitely my style. Love me some PJs!!



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