Monday, December 17, 2012

So last Christmas I got this cross-stitch iPhone case. I started working on it and all went well until I started trying to fill every hole. I'd seen others that were totally filled in so I assume that was something you could *do*... Turns out, it stretches out the rubber and makes it all warped and bumpy :-(

I'm not sure what I did wrong... maybe the thread was too thick, or I shouldn't have tried to make an X on every spot, and just have made a \ or /. In any case, the case sat half finished for most of the year until my other iPhone case broke and I was forced into using it.


At least it doesn't look too bad on. I wish it was easy to just cut away the blue, but it's very difficult, and I'm not sure the case wouldn't still be stretched out underneath. 

 Oh well. Lesson learned. Maybe I'll try again sometime, it is pretty fun.


  1. I filled my entire one, but you definitely have to stick with single threads of embroidery silk, and keep your tension light and even. Looks lovely if you do.

    1. Oh that is gorgeous!!! I was using big clunky cotton floss. I should probably at least have split the plies :-/



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