Monday, September 1, 2014

Remember, Remember, the First of Skirtember....

Somehow, it's already September. This month means a lot less once you're out of school- especially if you're childless- but I'll never shake the urge to buy new notebooks and pencils. It also has the perfect weather for a little experiment I've been cooking up...

I have a pretty healthy collection of skirts, dresses, and tights, but I almost never wear them because tossing on jeans is so damn easy. So I've challenged myself (and you, if you want to play along) to celebrate the holy month of Skirtember.

The rules are simple: No pants outside of the house until October (exceptions can be made for things like manual labor, horseback riding, etc. But otherwise. Skirt 'em up.)

I'll post all my outfits, either here or on Instagram (bombasinedoll, btw) under the #skirtember tag (I thought I was being terribly clever with the play on words, but a quick Google search indicates that I am far from the first to think of it. Ah well.) Since I work at home there won't necessarily be an outfit everyday, but I'll try to drag my sorry ass out of my pjs at least a few times a week ;-)

Today's outfit is nothing to write home about, but it's hot as balls (and twice as muggy) so I wasn't really feeling "layers" or "tights" (I loathe having bare legs, so you KNOW it's gotta be gross out for me to go without.) 

Shirt: Bozzolo
Skirt: MICHAEL Michael Kors
Shoes: Aldo
Sunglasses: Garage sale junk
Necklace: Satomi Studio
Dogs: Out of frame because it's WALKIES TIME, dammit. 

(Speaking of dogs, do other people's leashes manage to get riddled with impossible-to-untie knots? Or are we just really talented?)

If you're feeling a bit skirty as well but need some inspiration, I've been hoarding pantsless Pins hardcore the last few days. Please do join in! 


  1. I'm participating too! Though it's pretty empty out there for Skirtember participants... anyway, I posted here:

    1. Yeah it's not a very big tag this year, haha. Ah well ;-) Glad someone is! Cute bike dress!



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