Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Skirtin' along, Skirtember 2-9

When you see how few outfits I have to show for September, you'll really grasp the full extent of how much working at home isolates you, haha. It appears that I left the house 3 times in 8 days (yikes.) In the interest of honesty, I did cheat and run two quick errands in jeans, though. So, 5 times.  (I've been posting these on Instagram as I go, so if you follow me there you've probably seen them. Look for the #skirtember tag.)

Hat: Garage sale find of the year, whoop whoop!
Tank: Thrifted and tagless, whomp whomp.
Shirt: James Perse (TJ Maxx always seems to have these, in various colors, for way less than that.)
Skirt: Vintage, no label
Tights: Urban Outfitters (Don't buy these ones if you're tall- they want to slide down so that the line is on or below your knee.)
Shoes: Ole standby's from Payless

Tank: H&M
Cardi: BDG
Skirt: Gap (thrifted and ancient... Gap is super excited about black denim right now though, FYI)
Tights: xhilaration 
Boots: Soda (I bought these for my halloween costume... scroll down a few posts and I bet you can guess what I'm planning to be, haha. I looked everywhere for a real leather pair but didn't want to spend $100+ on halloween cowboy boots, so, oh well.)

Let me tell you something about pestering your significant other to take pictures of your outfits: Eventually they may start getting bored. As a result this is the best picture I have of this one, haha. But that's an awfully nice ice cream truck, right??

Top: BDG
Skirt: MICHAEL Michael Kors
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Aldo (I wish they still sold these- they look like black-on-gray wool chucks and I love them so, so much. I'm going to be devastated when they wear out.)

I'm a little ashamed that I've worn the black skirt twice when I still have plenty that I haven't touched. A lot of them just feel a bit more... formal, I guess? Ah well, I'll have to tough it out. For science.

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  1. I'm participating as well, on a fashion blog I share with a friend! Here's my second post:

    I'm loving your legwear, especially those knee socks and floral tights. Great choices! The knee socks with the plaid skirt in particular. I'm also looking forward to your Halloween costume. I want to say cowgirl, but that's too general... maybe Jessie from Toy Story?



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