Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Way Awesomer Anniversary List for Awesome People


Our second anniversary is coming up soon and while looking up the traditional gift for year 2 (cotton, for the record) we decided the list was stupid. I don't want ivory and gemstones and crystal and china. Borrring. It IS kinda nice having a roadmap so we don't have to think up something from scratch, though, so we decided to make our own list. We kept a few things from the original that we liked, and filled in the blanks.

1. Paper
Honestly we just kept this one because we'd already done it. But it's a good one! Books! Concert or travel tickets! Comics! Weird paper jewelry!

2. Dead Things
Okay I know that sounds weird, but bear with me here. "Dead things" can encompass anything from a dinosaur t-shirt to a bacon-of-the-month club to pressed flowers. Maybe a super cool old fossil! Or a new pair of leather boots! It's not the most vegan friendly of categories but you can certainly pull it off if you're creative... I mean technically vegetables are dead when you eat them, right?

3. Glitter
I almost left this one out because I thought it'd be hard to find something for Travis, but he pointed out that I can totally cheat and just cover something he likes in glitter (like, say, a bottle of bourbon.) There are some legit dude-friendly glitter gifts though, like guitars, upholstered stuff, fancy watches... It'll be an easy year for him, because he could straight up just get me glitter and I'd be thrilled.

4. Light
Twinkle lights! Lamps! Photography! A trip to the Arctic Circle in winter!

5. Leather
Self explanatory.

6. Wool
Yarn, sweaters, whole actual sheep... I hope to hint my way to an authentic Pendleton blanket. (In my head, we are much richer 4 years from now.) Will also accept a sheep, though. And don't forget all the cool things they're doing with felt these days.

7. Sugar
Tasty things of all sorts! Negative points if you choose to interpret it as "give me some sugar" and show up giftless, naked, and affectionate. That's a cop out. Unless you're covered in sweet edibles.

8. Vinyl
Could be records, could be rad diner-style booth benches, could be (if you're into it) cheap faux-leather fetishwear. I'll probably go with records.

9. Living Things
Okay I'll admit I timed this one for about the time we'll be in the puppy market again...but it could totally mean houseplants or a coopful of chickens or a tree for the yard or a batch of sea monkeys...

10. Beverage
Booze. Tea. Coffee. Chocolate. Lots of fun to be had!

15. Meat
.... yeah pretty much just meat. Trav's contribution, obvs.

20. Wood
SO MANY GREAT THINGS ARE MADE WITH WOOD. Furniture, sculpture, books (technically!), trees...

25. Metal
SO MANY GREAT THINGS ARE MADE WITH METAL. Jewelry, of course. Kitchen stuff. Appliances. Electronics. Shiny new cars.

30. Tattoos
I think it's funny to force our 55 year old selves to get tattoos.

50. Drugs
Trav begged 'cause he thinks he's hilarious. I figured, hey. We're 75. Drugs will probably be a very important part of our lives anyway.

Any more ideas? Buck tradition, I say! Get stuff you actually want!


  1. Ooh! If you'll be in Chicago before your anniversary, check out the Wooly Mammoth for a gift.

    For Christmas, my brother got Doug a taxidermy frog playing a wooden saxophone.

    1. I doubt I will but I SO NEED TO GO TO THERE OMG.

    2. I wish I'd known about it when you were looking for centerpiece things! You managed quite well, but this place is so awesome!

  2. I don't know where you live, but there is a Pendelton outlet in Woodburn, OR. I went there, and STILL couldn't convince myself to buy a blanket. I did buy a coin purse, though! Pendleton has become kind of hipster in the Northwest, but I still like their stuff, regardless.

    1. I used to live right by the Pendleton outlet in Milwaukie, OR, but yeah... prrriiicey. But now that I'm starting to think about trying to make my house look decent I've realized I totes need one ;-P



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