Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Outfit- Fish legs

You may all decide to hate me but... I'm going to start doing outfit posts. I've been wanting to do a fashiony blog for ages but I just can't justify starting yet ANOTHER blog, especially when this one is often so neglected. They'll probably be slow at first but I hope to have a good set-up once we move, which will hopefully be soon...ish. Stay tuned if you're into such things :-)



Tank: Hand-me-up from my sister, no idea. 

Yesterday (the 29th) was my birthday and the leggings were a gift from Travis, so of course I had to take them out for a stroll... and by "a stroll" I mean "to Baskin-Robbins for free ice cream, then Sephora for free lipbalm, then the book store for a 'free' book" (that last one ended up being more of an $8 discount because I set my sights a little high. I'll have to post about the book I got at some point, it's gorrrgeous.)


  1. Happy Birthday! Also something I've never said to anyone before: fish legs really work on you!

    1. Haha, it's not a sentence that comes up much... but thank you!



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