Thursday, May 16, 2013

Outfit- May 16


 Oh snap, did I just do the second outfit post ever after a long delay and totally wear the exact same sweater? Yes, yes I did. But it's a good sweater. Also, look, a hype button! I barely know what it does but I think if you click it, good things happen somehow. 

Tank: James Perse - it is a very pale minty green though you can't quite tell. 
Tee: "One Step Up" ie super cheap shitty tee that they sell for $5 around here. You'll notice I have a bunch of those, from like three different brands. 
Jeans: Grane Jeans- this is such a weird brand, I found this pair secondhand and it fits me better than any pants I've ever owned. But I keep trying to get another semi-duplicate pair off ebay (same brand, size, and in one case style) and all the other ones fit like crap. 
Boots: Minnetonka fringe boots. I think this style was discontinued- I found them on sale at DSW, whoopwhoop! 

Styling tip: See how I have a wide horizontal band of light color around my hips? Both the horizontal-ness and the light color will make them look wider, especially on top of the black jeans (which have the opposite effect, being vertical and dark.) If you're like me and don't have a ton of curves, it's a neat trick. My hips are one of my more lady-like features so I don't have a problem with playing them up. But if you're not looking to widen your hips (which most people aren't, I think) then darker colors and avoiding horizontal lines there would be better (maybe by having a longer top layer that covers the bottom layer).

Other styling tip: Who am I kidding, 80 degrees is too hot for a hat and cardigan. I cling desperately to fall fashion all year round, I'm afraid. 

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