Wednesday, June 12, 2013

7x7 Remix Challenge


Audrey at Putting Me Together posted about this 7x7 remix challenge the other day and I thought hey, why not. I actually did do this with actual clothes that I own, but we're in the process of getting ready to move right now and my photo taking capabilities and locales are pretty compromised, so I thought I'd just cheat and use Polyvore. That is the actual cardigan and mint knit tank; everything else is a close approximation (my skirt doesn't have buttons, but I wish it did.) 

7x7 1 and 2

7x7 3 and 4

7x7 5 and 6

7x7 7

This last one is the most formal, if you can even really call it that. I thought perhaps the cardigan would be weird over the knit tank but it actually works- just make sure to tuck in the little tail on the tank ;-) It's sort of like a twin set. 

I think 7 items is a little too restrictive for me- a lot of the outfits look very much the same, by necessity. Needs room for some accessories. I suppose I could've challenged myself more by using some prints, but I barely own any- I'm really a solids and stripes kinda gal. Not including shoes in the 7 would've left room for some more layers, too. But hey, if you were going a trip and really only wanted to pack 7 things, it totally works! 


  1. Good options! I definitely think accessories could help differentiate the outfits more, but they all work at their most basic, too.

  2. I love the pieces you chose, Alex! Especially the boots, the skirt, and the green top. And dang, I should have made the accessories thing clearer--you could have totally used them. Your outfits are still cute though. I'm a sucker for outfits with boots!

    1. Lol, I am very literal! Next time ;-)



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