Sunday, June 2, 2013

Outfit: June 1st

June 1st

Dress: Rewind (Pssst- Kohl's is offering CAF readers a 10% discount til 7/11 with cod"BLOGGER10")
Tights: Look from London "Palm"
Shoes: Guess
Bag: The Sak Pax Large Cross-body
Sunglasses: No idea. Some cheapycheap brand.

My second friend of the season got married yesterday. This might not have been an entirely appropriate outfit for a Catholic church wedding (or as my mom, who was also invited, put it, "That's a little...wild, honey,") but I don't really "do" bare legs, sooooo oh well.


In other news, I'm having way too much fun with this Stilly app that Lee(thal) turned me on to. I wish it could make slightly longer, less twitchy gifs, but still. Fun!

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