Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Outfit: June 15th

June 15 2013 

Jeans: Grane 

I'm making a real habit of wearing the same thing for two posts in a row, huh? Oh well. I've never done the transparent-shirt-visible-bra thing much but we were going to a late night drag show and it seemed fitting enough. You can't really see it but I was so pleased with my make-up that night. I used the DIY luminizer (which Travis thinks I should make and market as Extra Fatal Lady Shimmer) instead of lipstick and really loved the effect. I used the original RMS stuff (because it's sparklier) on top of my eyeshadow which I also recommend (just don't fuck it up because it's sticky and not going anywhere.) 

We're planning to move soon and I can't wait to have a nice, non-dark-and-beige place to take these photos. Shooting in RAW hides a multitude of sins (you should see this unedited) but it can't do everything. Bleh.

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